journal de la Photographie review

From : The Guardian Newspaper:  4.4.2013


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From: Editorial Photographers UK

EPUK SHOWCASEFor the Travellers the 1970s were a difficult period of transition. Already victims of racism and prejudice, they were struggling to maintain a traditional nomadic lifestyle while the Irish government and authorities were doing their best to obstruct their movement and to assimilate them into the settled community……..Click to read

From: Sophot:  The French association Pour Que l ’Esprit Vive, (Let The Spirit Live)

French Irish Tinker ibook review

                                                                                                                                                          Click to read

Review by Joanne Carter for iBOOKS PHOTO BOOKS : reviews

“….. a great new iBook called Irish Tinkers that has just become available to purchase from the Apple iBookstore.  Janine has created a charming sensitivie timepiece that not only rewards us with stunning portraiture but also great insights into this fiercely independent ‘ethnic group*’………..  CLICK TO READ REVIEW

From: Voice of the Travellers Ireland

“This book is a must see for those who wish to reflect on bygone days as well as being an important tool in teaching the younger generation how Travellers once lived….. “

From: Travellers Times UK

“These amazing photographs are a one-off portrait of a time that might not seem that long ago until you look how much has changed. They show how hard things sometimes were, and they pay tribute to the strength of the people who got through them with their families…..”


“Photography with soul and conscience”    Harry Ferguson : Professor of social  work

“A gem,  Given the eradication of the culture and customs, the ibook is a ‘must have’ to collectors/travellers and those genuinely interested in Travellers/Tinkers. I treasure it. An amazing piece of history”  Jess Smith: Author and Traveller

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